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Paula Prass Designs

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your special day. We look forward to helping make it memorable with flowers designed especially for you. Our team of experienced and talented designers is at your service so that the floral decor may be an exquisite addition to your celebration.

Flowers are an important visual element in the overall "look of the day" and we are committed to drawing on our experience, talent, and ability to capture your vision with creative expression through flowers, foliage and accessories. As floral artists we do our utmost in creating beautiful floral decor, truly exquisite additions to your wedding day.

Flowers, the live ingredients used in creating living works of art, are nature's gift, and have their own character, coloration, and degree of perfection. We endeavour to purchase the finest natural product the market has to offer according to season and availability, supply and demand. Unforeseen situations sometimes make substitutions of flowers and/or foliage and accessories necessary, however our primary objective of capturing the look and feel of the designs remains in the forefront of our intentions as we execute the work we do for you.

Our careful attention to detail allows us to release you of the burden of "worrying about the flowers". It is our hope that we make your experience of choosing and enjoying the flowers for your wedding a very pleasant one. Leave it to us - when you choose Paula Prass Designs, you have chosen floral professionals, who live and work our passion - flowers!

It is our aim to provide exactly what your heart desires at a cost your budget will allow. A deposit of 50% of the total estimated cost of the wedding is payable upon booking, and balance is due 5 days before the wedding date.